Why Visit Crete

Why Visit Crete

Crete has it all: thousands of years of history, spectacular beaches, amazing nature, and stunning food. Add great people who strive to make your stay unforgettable, and you have a holiday destination that can’t be missed.

You may have heard of the infamous Minotaur residing in Knossos. Now you have the opportunity to visit the actual Knossos palace and witness first-hand what the ancient Minoan civilization felt like.

You may also know of the hundreds of sandy beaches spread across the Cretan shores, which invite you to laze on the sand, swim, and enjoy water sports in Crete.

If you don’t like the sea, you have plenty of mountains with treks and hikes to explore as well as picturesque cities to stroll around, each with its own remarkable cafés, restaurants, shops, and museums.

And, of course, there is the food... Crete is synonymous with Mediterranean cuisine. So, if you enjoy plenty of fruit and veg, excellent olive oil, and fresh meat and fish, then you are destined to fall in love with Crete.

You can visit Crete any time of the year

Crete is blessed with fantastic weather, year-round.

In the summer, you get to enjoy the beaches, warm weather, and balmy nights to savor your food and drinks on the waterfront of quaint towns and charming villages. Stroll the cobblestones and take in the amazing scents of jasmine.

In spring and autumn, it’s not too hot, so it’s comfortable to walk around, bike, and hike. You have the perfect conditions for discovering ancient ruins and walking on trails brimming with natural beauty. In spring, you will see the valleys covered with colorful wildflowers that fill up every field in sight.

In autumn, auburn leaves sprinkle the streets but it’s still very enjoyable to be in outdoors. Many people swim until late autumn since the sea is still comfortably warm, especially in the south of the island.

As for winter, it’s usually pretty mild in Crete. You get crisp sunny days where you can see for miles ahead. The top of the mountains may be snowed but the valleys and shores are still wonderful to explore.

On top of that, Crete has three major cities and many towns worth exploring, no matter the time of the year. These are alive in all seasons and filled with interesting restaurants, exhibitions, museums, and activities to enjoy.

Crete has a rich history to explore

The most famous ruins are found in Knossos where the Minoan palace was located. That’s where the Minoan civilization flourished and where you get to explore a palace with beautiful architecture and frescoes. Imagine that they could build four-story buildings 3,500 years ago!

The throne room will fill you with awe, as will the whopping 1,300 rooms spread across the palace—not to mention the famous labyrinth.

Crete is far more than Knossos, though. The island has plenty of other historic sites to explore, from Phaistos—a Bronze Age site—to the stunning Venetian port of Chania and the beautiful Venetian town of Rethymno.

The island is sprinkled with Cretan monasteries, ancient ruins, old towns, and forgotten villages that are simply begging to be discovered by you.

Crete has hundreds of beaches

  Crete is the fifth largest island of the Mediterranean and boasts some of the most spectacular beaches you can imagine. It would be humanly impossible to swim at all the beaches during a single stay—but that shouldn’t stop you from trying!

There are striking, sandy beaches such as Elafonissi or Falassarna, or Caribbean-like ones, like the Vai beach, that are fringed with palm trees. All beaches are spectacularly clean and many offer tourists unmissable opportunities for diving, canoeing, snorkeling, and surfing.

If you like secluded coves to laze in the sun and love to spend your days staring at the sea, Crete is perfect for you. Just take a car and drive around the island until you find that special beach that takes your breath away.

Crete has great food

Visiting, exploring, and swimming are wonderful ways to experience your holidays. It’s Cretan food, though, that will make your stay in Crete unforgettable.

Crete produces the freshest fruit and vegetables, all seasons round. Surrounded by the sea, fishermen go out every night to catch fish and seafood, which they display early in the morning at the ports. Crete also has wonderful meat, and you even get to try snails, which are a Cretan specialty.

Add to the combination the most wonderful olive oil, Cretan honey, Cretan cheese, and Cretan wine, and you instantly have a unique culinary experience to indulge in, including some striking vegan restaurants in Crete and the famous Rakadika of Rethymno.

Many restaurants have adopted the farm-to-table philosophy so that you get to taste the freshest produce available. From traditional tavernas by the sea to more sophisticated restaurants spread across the island, food will make you want to return to Crete again and again.

Crete has welcoming people

No matter the beauty of a place and the history it carries, it’s people who make a destination memorable.

People in Crete are famous for their hospitality. They are welcoming and will get out of their way to help you. Don’t be surprised if strangers strike up a conversation with you and offer you a shot of tsikoudia—the local spirit—to make you feel welcome.

As the island is geared toward tourism, you will find that people are hospitable and know how to deliver amazing services to tourists. But you will also enjoy spontaneous displays of kindness and generosity that will stay with you long after you have left Crete.

Old people sharing stories will offer you a new insight into the island and its rich history. You will almost certainly be offered fresh watermelon after a meal, just as a thank-you. And if you are visiting Crete with your family, don’t be surprised if people start gifting you with fresh eggs and a multitude of delicacies for the little ones—because kids should only have the best.

Just accept the gifts and the amazing hospitality of Crete!

Crete has it all

Rarely do islands have it all. Crete is the exception. It’s impossible to get bored here and you will always feel that you have more places to discover, more people to engage with, and a new beach to enjoy. Check out our special offer on Cretan villas, book your next holiday to Crete, and enjoy the best hospitality in the world!

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