Hello there,

I am Manos, owner and manager of CreteVillas4U. I have been in the hospitality sector long before CreteVillas4U, however. I was actually born, grew up, and spent most of my life in a hotel owned by my family. So, I guess it came as no surprise when I expressed my wish to study in Rhodes Tourism School and, later on, when I decided to start my own business in the sector.

One thing I learned growing up in a family-run hotel is that hospitality is more than hotel management, logistics and operations. It is a culture, passing down from one generation to the next. You can study to be a hotel manager but you cannot study to be hospitable.

I apply this philosophy in my business as well. The rule is simple: the guests of the villas I manage are my guests. As an active traveller, I expect nothing less myself. The fourth generation of Dafermos hoteliers has already been born. I know now that my two beautiful children will probably follow my steps, like I did before them. There is a small difference though: they are smarter, more educated, better (big smile).

All the best,

Manos Dafermos

A Few Words

In our highly misguided western thinking, quality of life is often associated with luxury. In turn, luxury is associated with expensiveness, sometimes even extravagance. But, when did expensiveness and extravagance really make us full? When did expensiveness and extravagance make a good story?

Quality of life resides in things you cannot always put a price on; little things that are actually big things, like waking up in the middle of an olive grove, filling your lungs with fresh air, having your meal when and where you want to, enjoying your privacy or simply doing nothing.

These are the true luxuries in our lives and none of them should be a luxury. In fact, it is nothing less than you need from your holidays, what you have been waiting for, what you are struggling for.

Let us introduce you to the kind of luxury that is not a privilege but a right, one that you can touch and feel in your heart.

Welcome to CreteVillas4U. Luxury you can touch!

Live like a local

The owners of the holiday property will be there to welcome and assist you. Ask them anything. No one knows their place like a local. They will know the best restaurants, tavernas, bars, shops, secret beaches and mountain areas in the area. It could take you years to discover this knowledge on your own.

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