CreteVillas4U is Officially an Airbnb Community Leader

CreteVillas4U is Officially an Airbnb Community Leader

The passion and dedication to our mission have been, once again, recognized, this time CreteVillas4U nominated as Airbnb Community Leader in Crete and Aegean Island, Greece. Focusing on the guests’ experience, our expertise is a guarantee that we will do our best to grow the Airbnb host network and help Crete and Aegean Islands host community.

Leading our host community is a new fantastic role that will allow us to build up a group of local hosts and share tips and skills with each other. Trust, engagement and support are going to be empowered through the idea we are not alone and to improve all together!

Our Community Leadership in details

Representing hosts in Crete and Aegean Islands, CreteVillas4U will bring hosts together in a local Host Club to collaborate, share, and collectively grow in many ways;

- Moderate a Facebook group

We will be responsible for accepting and welcoming new members, posting weekly on social media, sharing Airbnb’s updates and insights as well as posting conversation prompts to spark engagement within our Host Club. We will also be accountable for exploring and discussing how we can advocate for local small businesses and the unique impact of healthy tourism and hosting.

- Host monthly meetups

Gathering local hosts together for monthly meetups, online or in-person, will help our members to learn from each other’s best practices, troubleshoot challenges, and share local knowledge. With us, your voice will be heard to share stories, ask for advice, and of course, get updates from Airbnb.

- Act as a community representative

As a Community Leader in Crete and Aegean Islands, we will be there to accomplish and elevate ideas and feedback from our Group to Airbnb Leadership by participating in check-in calls and by sharing the challenges of the local community so our team can better address them.

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