Devouring Crete Like a Local: 6 Typical Food from Crete

Devouring Crete Like a Local: 6 Typical Food from Crete

1. Olive Oil Homer described the precious juice of the olive fruit 'liquid gold' and here in Crete, 80% of the olive oil is the highest quality, extra virgin. The quality of Cretan Olive Oil is known all over the world as a natural product coming out of a simple crushing of the olive, without extracts or industrial additives, as well as substantial health benefits from extra virgin olive oil’s disease-fighting antioxidants. Extra virgin olive oil is crucial to common Greek foods used as a marinade, together with lemon juice and herbs, making it tasty, filling and healthy.

2. Cretan Cheese It is never missing from the Cretan table and the quality can compete international qualities of cheese. Often made from sheep's' or goat's milk, the Cretan cheeses Mizithra or Graviera topped with honey is everyone's favourite 'meze' accompaniment or desert.

3. Honey The flagship of the Cretan agro product is the most fragrant honey in the world rich in vitamins and antioxidant substances. It is the richness of the Cretan land in endemic plants and especially in aromatic plants, such as thyme, sage etc., offering the bees their favorite food that gives the Cretan honey its distinctive taste.  

4. Paximadi The traditional Cretan way of preserving bread for a long time is three times the nutritional and caloric value of one slice of common bread. This dried and crispy kind of bread is made of wheat and barley and the “dakos” version, the  round paximadi, is specific to Crete. It is usually soaked in water and olive oil in order to make it softer and you will find it in various shapes and sizes.  

5. Raki The Cretan alcoholic beverage that is served icy after a meal contributes to easier digestion comes from by-products created from the winemaking process. Raki or known also asTsikoudia” an intrinsic part of the identity of the local culture as a social mean of communication, consumed as an indication of hospitality and friendship.

6. Yogurt A top super-food good for the digestive system is made of high quality sheeps' or goats' milk, usually set in terracotta bowls. Yogurt is an addition to every Cretan meal, including grilled meat and swirled in honey with walnuts is the most popular dessert in Crete.

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