Tips to stay cool in the Greek heatwave (survival guide)

Tips to stay cool in the Greek heatwave (survival guide)

If you want to enjoy the Cretan summer and be comfortable without getting bothered, here's how to keep yourself cool: 

Say no to:

- Sunbathing especially between 11am and 3pm can be extremely dangerous causing exhaustion or heat strokes  

- Heavy diet and alcohol increase the body temperature and light meal is a key, since anything heavy is an enemy during a heatwave.

-Hard physical activities & Workouts particularly in areas with high temperature, stillness wind and high humidity.

- Dark colours clothes heat up faster than white clothes in the sun, as greedily absorbs into the fabric.

- Walking for a long time, running under the sun and trips with many embarkations-disembarkations.

Say Yes to:

- Stay in shady and cool places away from crowded areas and always wear a hat.

- Shut out the sun between 11am and 3pm, when the sun is strongest and open the windows at night to cool.

- Keep hydrated with fruits and veggies rich in tannins, such as grapes, bananas, apricots, nectarines, beans and peaches will offer yourself the proper refreshing, moisturizing drink/meal.

- Choose to wear cotton and light-colored clothes made of natural fabrics to help body ventilation and sweat evaporation.

- Showers in lukewarm water will be more effective keeping cool in summer (water temperature about 33⁰C) rather than a cold shower (water temperature 20-25⁰C). 


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