7 Things for Happy Travellers in Crete

7 Things for Happy Travellers in Crete

Let yourself unpack the best experiences, in order to become a happy traveller, during your holiday in Crete

1. Minoan sites You are familiar with the cultural roots and sites of this incredible ancient civilization of Minoans that had flourished around 3.500 BC and dying mysteriously in 1,400 BC. You have visited not only the Archaeological Museum in Heraklion, the world's greatest showcase of Minoan artefacts together with Knossos, the most impressive of several Minoan palace complexes, but you have also walked around the Festos, Malia and Zakros ruins. 

2. Architecture You admire the famous architectural structures hosted in the major cities of Crete, mainly from venetian and the ottoman era. From the strong fortresses all around the island to the old towns of Chania and Rethymno, innumerable architectural gems blend the old with the new in an impressive way. 

3.  Great Walks You want to leave your traces in Samarian Gorge and in E4 Path, a large network of trails with special cultural and natural value. If you like adventure, exploration and excursions to nature, try to walk in Aradena, Agia Irini, Tripiti and the Gorge of the Dead.

4. Cretan Nectar You Know that Raki or Tsikoudia is a major tool for social communication, a sign of friendship and politeness, there is no house that does not have a bottle of raki readily available to celebrate, wish or welcome their guests.

5. Aromatic Plants Crete is the land of numerous wild herbs, which have been used since ancient times for their extraordinary healing properties. You are aware of the amazing herbs of Malotira and Diktamus that grow on the rugged mountains of the island, collected by experienced collectors to be dried under natural conditions and brought to modern packs without any chemical or other treatment.

6. Untouched south You don't miss a trip to the less popular south beach landscapes of Glyka Nera, Kedrodasos, Sougia and Agiofaraggo. Some great spots are accessible to few people, with unique beaches, wild canyons, submarine destinations and clear blue waters. The wild Cretan landscape together with the villages and beaches have received many distinctions from sophisticated travellers and still enchant with its natural beauty and unique mentality. 

7. Crete in Winter More and more independent visitors realised that Crete is the ideal place to visit all year round, due to its mild climate and the unique mountainous features in Psyloritis and Lefka Ori . "Out of season" and "off-season" might is the right time to enjoy Crete's stunning natural wealth, without worrying about the heating summer sun.

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