Sfakia Village

Sfakia Village

It is perhaps the most famous Cretan village, known all over Greece and even further. It is thought of as representative of the true Cretan grit and soul. The making of this “legend” goes back in times when Crete was under the dominion of foreign conquerors such as the Ottomans. Back then Sfakia managed not only to resist the Cretan invaders very hard but to remain unconquered throughout history.

The people of Sfakia still hold their pride and honor in very high esteem, while they exhibit very deep feelings of generosity, hospitality and openheartedness. It is worth getting to know them, talk to them and have them share some of their stories. The Village of Sfakia is the “capital” of Sfakia Municipality, which covers a wide region from the back of the White Mountains to Libyan Sea. The landscape is breathtaking, combining elements of wildness and calmness, ideal for a car trip. Do not miss the Sfakiano Gorge in the west, one of the most spectacular gorges of Crete. And most importantly, do not miss the famous Sfakiani Pita (cheese pie), made with traditional dairy products. Yes, traditional cattle-breeding is still “alive” and thriving. 

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