Ancient Eleutherna is one the most ancient cities in Crete. It is located 30 km southeast of Rethymno City. Its location (i.e. the point where the road from the city of Knossos, the road from the ancient city of Kydonia and the road from Idi Mountain met) is probably the reason why it was so important in ancient times. Still, this has not been confirmed. 

The findings from the area are numerous and particularly important according to archaeologists, proving that the city had achieved advanced development. Recently (at 2010) a double grave of a young couple was discovered. The couple was covered with a cerecloth consisting of 3.000 gold leaves. The grave is aged 2.700 years. Eleftherna and Knossos were not on the same side. Actually Eleftherna stood by the side of the Macedonian King, Fillipos II, in the first Cretan War against Knossos. After its destruction by the Arabs, a big church was built on the site, Big Vassiliki. The ruins of the church are saved until today. 

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