Cretan Diet - a valuable ally to your health

Cretan Diet - a valuable ally to your health

Τhe traditional Cretan diet is a wholesome and pure "medicine" for healthy body and mind, a cultural treasure for life quality and longevity that wisely combines simplicity with completeness.

Researchers have shown that the Crete's range of deaths related to cancer and heart diseases is (and remain) lower compared to Northern European countries and Cretans live longer and healthier life attributed to their nutritional habits. The value of the Cretan diet has roots in Minoan times and through centuries Cretan nutrition kept same regularities like eating seasonally and locally. Minoans and modern Cretans have the same preferences for large amounts of fruits and vegetables, lots of legumes like beans lentils and chickpeas, bulb vegetables and wild greens taken directly for the countryside. The olive oil and honey are the key components of local nutrition. Yoghurt and low-fat cheese made with sheep and goats' milk are specially honoured and appreciated in Cretan cuisine. Cretan herbs and spices are appropriate ingredients that enrich the taste and enhance the beneficial effects of diet. Cretan diet also embraces local wine, one small glass of homemade wine accompanies every basic meal. On the contrary meat, fish and seafood have only a small part in the traditional Cretan cooking, usually cooked over a grill rather than fried. As a visitor in Crete you will have plenty opportunities to discover and adopt the secret weapons of Cretan diet, either in certified authentic Cretan cuisine restaurants or at the local markets for individual cooking. There are many books to buy with Cretan recipes and web sites/ channels for cooking instructions. Some basic tips for the Cretan diet to follow • eat seasonally and locally • replace all fats and butter with extra virgin olive oil • replace sugar with honey • rare red meat and fish consumption • include more plant sources vegetable and fruits in your daily meals • drink a small glass of organic homemade wine

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