Stefanou Beach

Not many people knew about Stefanou Beach a few years ago. As incredible as it may sound, only when modern online traveler guides came into existence did this amazing, small, secluded beach come out of the shadows.

The beach is also known by the name Seitan Limania, which means Satan’s Harbors. It is located 22 km northeast of Chania City and 2 km east of the village Chordaki, at the east side of Akrotiri Cape. The beach is tiny, so make sure that you visit it outside peak hours (i.e. early in the morning, late in the afternoon, not during the weekends). It is formed at the end of a very narrow and short gorge. Large rocks rise from the sea on both sides, creating a wild yet beautiful setting. The beach has fine white sand and pebbles, while the turquoise waters are so clear you can see ten feet deep. The way to the beach is somehow dangerous, since the car will only take you that far. After that, you will have to climb down a steep cliff. Make sure that you wear hiking shoes and just watch your step. Also, make sure that you take with you everything you might need, starting with water. This is not an organized beach. This is an adventure. 

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