Holidays in Plakias, Crete

Holidays in Plakias, Crete

As you drive down the mountains and through gorges mountain passes enveloping Plakias, you can see the Plakias beach and the scenic bay that sits on the Libyan Sea. Olive groves dot the valleys and slopes, adding their characteristic colors to the Mediterranean setting.

Plakias used to be a quaint fishing village until it slowly joined the 21st century and became a popular tourist destination. Thankfully, the village remains picturesque and the activities around Plakias, combined with the stunning views of the endless sea, will woe you.

Plakias villas

The Plakias area is brimming with villas with all the amenities you need to relax and take in the views. Plakias villas are equipped with swimming pools, private spas, and extensive gardens to give your holidays a touch of luxury and all the privacy you require.

You can start your day with a swim in your private pool and spend the whole day lazing by the pool, admiring the sweeping views of the Libyan sea. Finish your day with an alfresco dinner by the pool, enjoying the night sky.

Once you feel your energy levels have recovered and you are ready to explore, the Plakias area and beyond await you.

The village of Plakias

The fishing village of Plakias is gently hugged by mountains and gorges. The dramatic mountainous backdrop and the azure blue of the Libyan sea form a breathtaking view. The contrast is stunning and creates the secluded charm that Plakias is famous for. 

You can dine on fresh fish by the waterfront and enjoy a drink while watching the boats and yachts bobbing on the sea.

The village boasts a 1.5 km long sandy beach with bars and cafés as well as umbrellas and sunbeds. The seabed slopes gently, so it’s perfect for families with young children.  

Preveli beach

If you feel like exploring the area, take a boat tour to Preveli beach and be instantly transported to a tropical paradise. A palm tree forest blends into turquoise sea waters while a gentle stream comes down from the mountains and flows into the sea, forming a magnificent estuary.

Locals will tell you that Roman soldiers awaiting transport to Libya were eating dates some 2,000 years ago. The stones they spat out accidentally led to the development of the Preveli beach palm tree forest. No one knows if this story is true or not—and it hardly matters: no matter how the palm trees grew there, they make for an astonishingly exotic background for your holidays.

You can walk in the forest and take a swim in the river, but it is the sea that will call you in for a relaxing dive.

To reach the beach, you can drive to Preveli beach and go down the steps if you wish, bearing in mind that you will have to climb up again. If you are staying around Plakias, a boat trip makes the experience easier and more pleasant. Plus, you get to experience Preveli from the sea, which is as Instagrammable a view as you can possibly imagine!

Many beaches to discover

Aside from the famous Preveli beach, there are hundreds of beaches and coves to discover. Amoudi, Ammoudaki, Damnoni, and Schinaria are but a few of the beaches that dot the southern seashore of Crete. If you like snorkeling, many beaches have interesting seabeds and underwater canyons well worth exploring.

Damnoni is one of the top organized water sports destinations in Crete if you are looking to get active during your holidays in Plakias. You can try water skiing and diving and enjoy some memorable moments by the Libyan sea.

Hiking around Plakias

If you are in Plakias in early summer or early autumn, it is the perfect time to put on your hiking shoes and go for a walk. The area is crisscrossed by 15 marked trails that will take you through gorges, valleys, and mountain passes—not to mention endless olive groves.

As you climb up, take in the beautiful views of the sea and pass through villages where you can stop for a coffee or lunch. Enjoy a relaxed way of living, admiring ancient churches and historic buildings, and blend in with the locals.

Your trails will take you through the pristine Cretan nature. Smell the oregano, sage, rosemary, mountain tea, and other herbs that inspire Cretan cuisine. As you brush against them, their unforgettable scents will rise to your nose: the trek across the mountains of Plakias involves all senses!

As you walk and hike, you will encounter waterfalls, rivers, and canyons. If it’s a hot day, don’t resist dipping into the refreshingly cold water!

Villages around Plakias

The mountains around Plakias are home to several picturesque villages, such as Myrthios and Spili. Take the time to walk around and admire the views toward Plakias bay, overlooking the Libyan Sea.

If you haven’t opted for having a private chef as part of your villa service, you can have dinner at one of the many tavernas there and enjoy the famous Cretan cuisine with local produce and fresh herbs. Honey, cheese, fresh vegetables, meat, and fish are the staples of the local cuisine, all of which will likely be drizzled with copious amounts of authentic Cretan olive oil. Try the local delicacies and purchase some fresh products to take home.

Enjoy your holidays in Plakias 

 Plakias village combines the relaxed atmosphere of a laid-back village with elegant villas for rent.

Dramatic views and modern comforts make these villas the most luxurious choice for your next holidays in Crete. Whether you are a family with children, a group of friends, or a large family, you are certain to find the Plakias villa you need. Check out our special offers and early booking deals for Crete’s holiday villas and enjoy an unforgettable vacation!


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