Holiday Villa vs Hotel Which Is Right for You

Holiday Villa vs Hotel Which Is Right for You

Villa or hotel? That’s the first question you will ask yourself once you have booked your tickets to Crete. The island is brimming with accommodation choices and you simply have to find the right one for you.

When it comes to choosing between a villa and a hotel, you need to decide which features will make your Crete holiday unforgettable. If you prioritize privacy and autonomy and want your holidays to be filled with amazing experiences, then a villa may be the right choice for you.

Privacy: a place of your own or shared with others?

When you book a room in a hotel, you benefit from concierge services—but also share the building with strangers; sometimes hundreds of them. When you have breakfast or enjoy your dinner on the hotel terrace, you are doing so alongside other guests whom you don’t know.

With a villa, you can have breakfast in your pajamas and have the swimming pool all to yourself, all day long. You don’t have to talk, entertain, or make polite conversation with anyone. You can read your book without having children splashing your sunbed. And you can invite friends over because the whole villa is yours to enjoy. 

Rules: a hotel has plenty, a villa has very few

You have to respect the general rules of the hotel.

For example, if the hotel has a swimming pool, it’s usually accessible during specific hours so that rooms around the pool can enjoy quietness during siesta times. And remember, siesta is still very much alive in Crete! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served at set times and places, and it can be hard to arrange your schedule to the rules and regulations of a hotel.

A villa gives you freedom. Do you want to have breakfast at noon? You can do so. Do you wish to wake up at 5 am for a dive in the pool? You can certainly do so, too. The point of going on holidays is that you set your own rules and give yourself the freedom to enjoy life. Crete is packed with activities and experiences to enjoy so you should be able to do so at your own time and convenience.

Services: customize your holidays with a villa

Most hotels in Crete offer experiences and services tailor-made for their guests. They can arrange for scuba diving, sailing, museum visits, and other adventures so you can make the most of your holiday in Crete.

A villa from can do much more than that. How about a dedicated chef, just for you, to prepare the dishes you long for? Do you want to learn how to cook Cretan dishes? Your chef can be at your villa for a hands-on experience with local fresh produce. And don’t forget: we have experienced chefs who prepare delicious pizzas in front of you, from the oven to your table.

A villa in Crete can give you the personalized adventure you want thanks to our services for guests: from watching the night sky with a modern telescope to sailing and aerial sightseeing, yoga sessions, and photo tours. You can combine villa living with living in Crete so you can really taste what our beautiful island can offer you.

Family time: hotel entertainment or villa?

Many hotels in Crete have dedicated personnel to entertain children. There are playgrounds and other facilities where children can have fun and spend time creatively.

With a villa, children’s time is more fun. First of all, villas are autonomous, so you can create your child’s timetable exactly as you like it. Adolescents can get up late in the morning while younger children have the space to wander in the garden and even swim under your supervision.

Many villas have playgrounds, enchanting gardens, and playrooms. They have gym rooms, spas, and other entertainment facilities to keep everybody happy. Because villas are independent, there is a corner for every family member. Do you want to read your book overlooking the Libyan Sea? Does your child want to splash in a safe and shallow pool? Do you enjoy throwing a BBQ for your family? You can find the mix of services and facilities that best matches your family's needs without compromising on anything.

Cost: is a hotel cheaper than a villa?

Holidays are the time when most people feel OK to spend money but that doesn’t mean that you don’t want your holiday to be cost-effective.

Hotel rooms are often assumed to be more affordable than villas: the price of the room can be lower than renting a villa.

However, if you include services like childcare or child entertainment, snacks, and meals, a villa can turn out to be a more cost-effective solution. For instance, our villas have been chosen for the level of comfort they offer: you can prepare buckets of your specialty coffee without stepping a foot outside or paying a dime. In a hotel, you would have to pay for every coffee, tea, and drink you order.  

Cook with fresh Cretan produce

When renting a villa in Crete, you can prepare your own meals and enjoy the fresh produce that Crete so abundantly gives us. Visit a local farmers’ market and try the famous Cretan diet for yourself with the freshest fruit, vegetables, Cretan honey, and Cretan cheeses you could possibly imagine at very affordable prices. Enjoy preparing your meals and dining al fresco while taking in the spectacular views of the island.

How many people?

One other factor is the number of people on holiday. If you are traveling as a large group, even if it means 6 to 8 people, a villa is more affordable than renting 3 or 4 rooms in a hotel. Add the camaraderie of sharing a villa and your holiday instantly becomes an amazing experience.

Our carefully selected villas in Crete can accommodate any number of guests. We have small and cozy villas for two but also offer spacious villas for large groups that can easily sleep 15 or 18 people.

Book your holiday villa in Crete

Depending on the holidays you dream of, check out our special offers for Cretan villas, book your villa, and experience what Cretan living is all about. We are sure you will want to return to Crete year after year to enjoy a little bit more of this haven!

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