Why Visiting Crete is a Wonderful Thing to Do

Why Visiting Crete is a Wonderful Thing to Do

Your visit to Crete is a visit to generous culture, contrasting landscapes and healthy home-cooking. However, the island remains a well-hidden secret open to exploration.

There are so many reasons to visit and love Crete and there are much more to tell (and never end) about the island of Crete that could be its own country: 1. For the intriguing land Crete is the largest of the Greek islands situated in the Mediterranean Sea between the Sea of Crete and the Libyan Sea. It is 250 km long and has an area of 4800 square km. There are many contrasts in this sunlit spot of earth that sooner or later you realize that Crete is an original and inexhaustible place to visit over and over again. Only here you can go from spectacular golden beaches to breathtaking rugged mountains, from vivid busy cities to rural peaceful villages, from cosmopolitan nightlife to very dry and rocky areas to very fertile green soils. 2. For the richness of its history and legends At the crossroads of three continents and many cultures, Crete has been occupied and influenced by Roman, Arabs, Venetians and Turks. Crete is the birthplace of Zeus and the Minoans, the first advanced society on Europe. Ancient ruins, byzantine chapels, churches and monasteries, remnants of Renaissance and Ottoman's era architecture and martyred places bear witness to their presence around every corner of the island. 3. For its open and rebellious heart Cretans mentality is fiercely independent and free-spirited, formed as defending or rebelling against hostile invade and rule. Throughout the centuries, Cretans had to fight for their life and freedom and they have managed to carry their age-old traditions through time. When you find yourself in Crete, meet with the locals and connect with them, their true hospitality and warmth take the visitors' hearts. 4. For the delicious island cuisine Cretan cuisine is famous, distinguished and traditional and the Cretan diet is one the healthiest in the world. The abundance and the variety of the local products of the island has created a cuisine with unique taste, freshness and simplicity. Herbs, local cheese, honey, extra virgin olive oil are deeply ingrained, creating the distinctive "locavore" Cretan cuisine. 5. For impressive sun tan The sun-lovers will be in heaven in Crete, as the island enjoys high values of bright sunshine hours, especially during the warm period of the year. Here, the sun rays will supply you with Vitamin D and a golden-brown coloring of your skin that everyone will admire. Sunscreen is necessary.

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