Tourist or Traveller

Tourist or Traveller

In the travel community the words "tourist" and "traveler" have become significantly different from each other to underline different likes, dislikes, comforts, travelling lifestyles etc.

In general, tourists: • can easily be spotted by locals • take their home/country with them • tend to stay in their comfort zones • may speak only their native language English instead of trying to learn some phrases in the local language • stick to major cities and sightseeing instead of venturing to smaller towns or off-the-beaten-path locales • stay in areas where the amenities are similar to what they have at home travellers: • try to immerse themselves in the local culture • try to locate and explore the less-traveled areas • interact with locals • travel to learn and experience new things • consider that a journey is open to surprises The world of travel is so great and travel-styles so different, to stick into the trap of drawing dilemmas, competitions or distinction between tourists and travelers. Travelling is such a subjective matter that should be taken as something to feel free to do, according to someone's special needs because motivations vary. No matter the labels people put on, once you get into the airplane, ship, train or bus, the journey begins. All that matters is the journey. And you should do it your way.

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