How to loosen up and feel like Cretan/Meant to be more happy

How to loosen up and feel like Cretan/Meant to be more happy

When you visit Crete, it is essential to let yourself go in order to become one with the land with all your senses. It is a great opportunity to break free from your daily life, business and activities, a vacation from your established reality.

Here, you are surrounded by great nature, food, music and hot-tempered people with a unique mentality, famous for their hospitality. 1. Life on Crete is steady, easy and spontaneous. Take the opportunity to benefit yourself from the lightness and easygoing feel that the aura of Crete offers. The multidimensional character of the local people has been influenced by different conquerors throughout their long history and they have formed a gushy, direct and independent mentality. Be open to get to know them a little bit better, do ask direct questions and don't refuse their help, hospitality or generosity, they are deeply offended. 2. Don't take yourself too seriously. Local people are heartwarming with good humour and laughing at themselves (but not at others) often without embarrassment because they are treating life as a joke. From this aspect, making fun about situations they forgive themselves for their mistakes and they know that life isn't about perfection, it is about living. 3. Accept you can't control everything. This means that Cretans are tolerant in alternation, imperfection and flaws and for this they have a rich, vivid and active life. Cretans love every kind of adventure. Here, prepare yourself to be spontaneous when your rules and routine are broken. In fact, in life nothing is under your control and if you reassure that everything happens for a reason, you have the opportunity to move forward and accept the change to brighten your future. 4. Very few things truly matter Contemporary life is all about achieving goals to fulfil needs, but in Crete nothing is more precious than family itself. They emphasize on bonds between family members because life’s meaning lies within the context of people and relationships. They have managed to preserve the value of true hospitality, the love for their island, their native language and culture in spite of adversities. 5. BE HAPPY - you're on HOLIDAYS!!!

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