Wins Multiple Greek Tourism 2023 Awards Wins Multiple Greek Tourism 2023 Awards

Our team behind is very proud of the two awards we won at the last Greek Tourism Awards which took place in April 2023 in Athens, Greece.

Our website won a Silver medal for Villa Management and a Silver medal for Online Presence.

Facing stiff competition from some of the best companies in the market, stood out for its exceptional services in villa management and its dedication to helping visitors enjoy the most restful and comfortable holidays on Crete.

Your go-to destination for villas in Crete

We guarantee the best prices for our villas because we deal directly with our customers. There are no intermediaries, so you get the best prices on the market.

Our hand-picked villas have been personally inspected and picked by our team for the comforts and amenities they offer. We only include the finest and most exceptional villas in our selection.

We are 24/7 available so that our guests know that there is a person available at all times. If you have questions or queries, or to book an experience, our team is there to guide you and help you make the most of your holidays in Crete.

Careful vetting of villas

Tourism in Crete has skyrocketed, making our beloved island one of the top 10 trending holiday destinations for 2023. Thanks to its temperate climate and outgoing people, Crete is attracting tourists almost year-round. Accordingly, our villas are geared toward tourists visiting the island throughout the seasons.

There are plenty of villas and accommodation options to choose from, but is highly selective. We work with villas and villa owners who can offer genuine Cretan hospitality and a unique experience of Crete within the most beautiful setting.

Comforts and amenities are crucial for visitors who want the utmost care and services. All villas have been carefully vetted and chosen for their level of amenities. Spectacular sea views and olive groves captivate visitors and create the perfect backdrop for any accommodation.

Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and kitchen amenities are standard features, while most of our villas have swimming pools and alfresco dining because Crete is to be enjoyed outdoors.

Bedrooms are equipped with stunning linens and bathrooms often have spas and other relaxing comforts. Many villas have gyms, playgrounds, and other facilities to indulge visitors and help them enjoy their holidays.

Experiencing Crete at its best

Aside from physical comfort and luxuries, our carefully selected villas offer an exclusive experience of Crete.

Food and dining experiences

Guests can organize wine tasting and the services of a Cretan chef to experience first-hand the delights of Cretan cuisine. A cooking workshop at your villa is a memorable experience that will stay with you forever. For pizza lovers, we can arrange for a private chef to come to your Cretan villa and bake the perfect pizza for you, with the toppings of your choice. Couple that with a glass of Cretan wine and you have a breathtaking dinner by the pool.

Experience the sky and the sea

Our hand-picked properties offer a glimpse of luxurious living in a Cretan setting. You can enjoy a tour of the night sky with a modern telescope and gasp at the beauty of the universe.

Since Crete is surrounded by the sea, there is no greater way to experience its beauty than by sailing. can organize a sailing expedition for you, where you get to stop in the middle of the sea, swim, and even fish at your own leisure.

Physical well-being in your private haven

If you want to combine physical well-being with your holidays, we can arrange for private yoga or pilates sessions in your villa. There is an amazing sense of emotional and physical wellness when you meditate in the middle of a Cretan garden or by the pool. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, our yoga and pilates instructors will gently guide you.

Memorable holidays in Crete thanks to

Our team at is based in Crete. We love our island and enjoy living and working here. There is something magical about Crete and we want to share it with the rest of the world.

Our 13-people team carefully vets villas, manages them, and connects with villa owners and guests. Because we are local, we know we can fulfill your expectations. Are you looking for the most authentic fish restaurant by the sea? Do you want to hire a yacht for two days? Do you want to shop as Cretans do? No matter the request, we know we can fulfill it!

All that’s left is for you to check out our special offers and early booking deals for Crete’s holiday villas and the holidays of a lifetime!

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