Travelers Calendar (How to break down the stereotypes and do interesting things)

Travelers Calendar (How to break down the stereotypes and do interesting things)

Crete is a vibrant island waiting to be explored! But if you stay stereotyped and on the surface, you will for sure lose much of what this island has to offer.

There is so much wealth in Crete that you will always find something very important to record, analyze, photograph or tell to your fellows back home. The stories are made at present time as long as you have enthusiasm and inspiration to meet the authentic and unique elements to touch the soul of the island. 1. Realize that wherever you go, you are touching history. Before you visit the island of Crete, do some research about the place you are about to visit by reading some of its key historical and cultural features. Culture is important as it represents the values, ideas, attitudes and symbols of the local society and knowing these things makes the travel more meaningful. It is interesting thing to know that underneath the busy cities and crowded places are hidden centuries and centuries of many different civilizations and their affects. 2. Learn some Greek words and basic phrases. Language is essentially a means of communication, and speaking a few words is accomplishment and fun at the same time. You interact with people easier and genuine speaking their words, especially when those words are not those someone would expect you to know, like a plain "kalimera" or "efharisto", but indeed some words that will pleasantly entertain the local people. The smiles on people’s faces when you speak to them in their native language show that they appreciate it. In this sense, you differentiate yourself as a visitor, and perhaps you make new friends you want to meet again. 3. Take your interests and hobbies with you. Caring your interests and hobbies with you is a brilliant idea to have more fun during your holiday, skipping stereotypical activities. Because Crete is vast like a whole country, it is strong possibility that your interests are comprehensive. This also means that trying familiar things in new places sets the goals for your visit and determines the time you should spend and where. Whether you are a history lover, a gourmet, or a crafty artist, let your interest and passion for something help you determine your holiday in Crete. 4. Feel the freedom you feel when travelling. Travelling is, after all, a great value and should be cherished as a true authentic experience that opens your mind and challenges your soul! Feel free!

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