Christmas in Crete

Crete is an ideal holiday destination for all seasons, even more hospitable during the festive days of Christmas. Most of the Cretan people are recognized as Greek Orthodox and their traditions have important religious aspects. The Greek Orthodox Church is celebrating Christmas on the 25th December, same date as the Catholic and Protestant Churches characterized by the spirit of love and gratitude. Christmas (Christougena) is a much cherished celebration with friends and family gathering for sharing sumptuous dinners and joyful moments.

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Travelers Calendar (How to break down the stereotypes and do interesting things)

Crete is a vibrant island waiting to be explored! But if you stay stereotyped and on the surface, you will for sure lose much of what this island has to offer. Continue reading “Travelers Calendar (How to break down the stereotypes and do interesting things)”

Kournas Lake

There is a lake in Crete with an imaginary scenery and the charm of an otherworldly trill and a fairy tale reflected in the crystal clear waters and magical colors. Kournas lake is lying in a green valley, at the feet of White Mountains, about 4 km from Georgioupolis, between Chania and Rethymno in west Crete. Its peace, serenity and free from civil disturbance environment eliminates everything around you. Continue reading “Kournas Lake”

Cretan Cheese

The ancient Greeks appreciated the value of cheese as a food so as to call it a “divine gift”. It is worldwide known in Greece the annual per capita consumption is higher than in any other European country. Particularly in Crete, livestock farming (goat and sheep farming) sector has always been one of the most developed ones in Greece. This mean lots and lots of pure distinguished cheeses that are consumed in Crete at any hour of the day as an accompaniment or as the main ingredient, as appetizer or for dessert. Continue reading “Cretan Cheese”

Cave of Elephants

The greatness of nature and the hidden secrets of Crete are not rare, all you need is time and inspiration . An extra ordinary experience is hidden beneath the village Kokkino Chorio, in Drepano area of Akrotiri, in Chania prefecture and out of Souda Bay. It is a unique subterranean cave, the one and only in the island, with magnificent otherworldly beauty and still unknown to many, waiting to be discovered. Continue reading “Cave of Elephants”