Travelling with Kids in an Airplane

Αirplane flights with kids requires from us to be extra careful to ensure their safety. In an unknown environment such as the airplane a child will be curious to explore and you can not let it unsupervised.  Moreover pressure changes in the cabin can cause some serious discomfort, so you should take measures to reduce or even avoid the affect.  Continue reading “Travelling with Kids in an Airplane”

Marmara Beach at Chania Prefecture

Marmara Beach is located 85 km south of Chania and 5 km west of Loutro. It belongs in the broader area of Sfakia, which features many beautiful small beaches. Starting from ChoraSfakion and traveling west one can reachIliggos Beach, GlykaNera Beach, Loutro, Lykos Beach and finally Marmara Beach, all of them unique for different reasons.

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